Haunted Travel Destinations in New Jersey

Whether looking to visit or buy a new home in New Jersey, you may want to know about the state’s haunted sites. New Jersey is a pretty state and has much history attached to it. It’s located along the east coast and many of the local towns have reported a lot of paranormal activity. Many of these places are private and not open to the public, but there are quite a few that have guided tours available for the curious. If you are moving to New Jersey then it is a good idea to get to know the state’s best haunts, don’t you think?

Many of the homes in Cape May, New Jersey are reported to be haunted so this is where you may want to start on your quest for the best haunted places in New Jersey. There are a couple of bed and breakfasts and a restaurant that are haunted to choose from. The restaurant is a Cape May establishment and a baby is reported to haunt the place. The story goes that the baby was murdered in her crib, and images of the baby appear in pictures there that were taken in the 1900’s. Guest and employees alike have reported feeling the baby’s presence.

If you are looking at new homes in New Jersey, but aren’t sure where you want to live yet, you can always venture out onto Combs Hollow Rd. The story goes that a young woman was killed while jogging along that road by a hit and run driver. Later that night the man killed himself and is said to haunt the bridge where it happened. People have reported seeing him on the bridge around midnight as they were crossing.

Another road in New Jersey that is reportedly haunted is Shelly Drive. Shelly Drive is located in a subdivision in the town of New Monmouth. According to legend, a British spy was shot and killed by his own men on that road. He is rumored to still be roaming the neighborhood, playing his flute and wondering why he was shot at by his own troops. Residents of the neighborhood have heard him playing and walking along the road.

There are many places that are rumored to be haunted in New Jersey. From old prisons to bed and breakfasts and even many private homes, the ghosts of the past are alive and well in this lovely state, there for everyone to seek and find.