Fair Lawn Ranks As "Best City in New Jersey"

A recent study done by Movoto, a blog dedicated to real estate research, has named Fair Lawn the best city in New Jersey. Movoto used many factors to evaluate each individual city in New Jersey.

All of the statistics are based on the state average. Real estate factors in a few ways, between home and business values, cost of living, and the amount of businesses and amenities (both total and per person). Movoto counted pizzerias, bagel shops, and diners as amenities since those three staples are unique and indicative of New Jersey. Crime and education were also factored in. After all of these statistics were tallied, and Fair Lawn came out on top.

Movotos study showed that the town has 16 pizzerias, six bagel shops, and three diners. There are several historic locations. The town's crime rate is also 60 percent lower than the state's average. So, in Fair Lawn, one can sight-see, get a good meal, and not have to worry about being robbed.

Fair Lawn is a small town with just over 32,000 residents according to recent census reports. It is located between the larger city of Paterson and Paramus, the mall capital of the world. It is a mere 12 miles away from New York City and boasts a diverse population, including a large Ukrainian and Russian section.

While maybe the most impressive, "best city" is not the only accolade recently donated. Over the past year, many studies and lists were compiled. Fair Lawn has made its way onto a number of websites' state and country best of lists. Here are some of the lists that it has recently ranked on:

  • Family Friendly. Last month, the San Francisco financial site Nerd Wallet ranked the city the third most family friendly city in New Jersey. This was based off income, cost of living, municipalities, and education.
  • Employment. Nerd Wallet released another list last week. This one was for the best cities in New Jersey for job seekers. Fair Lawn ranked in seventh due to a 5.3 percent work increase from 2009 to 2011.
  • Safety. Earlier this year, the research website Neighborhood Scout declared Fair Lawn the 49th safest city in America. This website based its data on comparing the 12.5 crime index to the amount of residents.

These lists all show that Fair Lawn and Bergen County is an area that supports both real estate and employment markets. Activity in both residential and commercial real estate are on the rise.