3 Fun and Affordable New Jersey Day Trips For Families

Kids can’t wait for the start of summer vacation, but they find it long and boring after about the first week. The annual family fishing trip usually isn’t enough to keep them entertained for those few months either; they want excitement! That’s where Wildwood NJ rides and other attractions in New Jersey come in. By visiting the Wild West, sailing with real pirates, and enjoying the amusement rides in Wildwood NJ, a vacation across the state will give them enough excitement and entertainment to last the entire summer.

Amusement Rides – Wildwood NJ

Wildwood NJ rides are some of the best in the country. There are all kinds of games to play, restaurants, and fast food booths as well as all kinds of amusement rides. Wildwood NJ also has hotels, motels, and resorts right close by.

If the sun gets too hot, it might be time to head over to the area’s waterparks. Located adjacent to the amusement rides, Wildwood NJ’s waterparks have features and waterslides for everyone from infants to the elderly. Then, there are live events such as concerts, movies, and fairs. Wildwood NJ rides provide days of entertainment!

Jersey Shore Pirates – Brick Township

Located on the shores of the Metedeconk River, Jersey Shore Pirates gives families the unique opportunity to sail, dress up, and talk pirate while hunting for treasures on the open water. Visitors will have to follow the pirate code while learning to read maps and fight off other pirates who just happen to have the keys to the coveted treasure. There’s loot to take home and even a celebration before rejoining the landlubbers back on shore.

The Jersey Shore Pirates attraction is next to the Windward Beach Park in the Riverfront Marina, so there is a lot more to do before and after the trip. The kids will have so much fun pretending to be pirates they’ll still be talking about their adventure months after they get back to school.

Wild West City – Netcong

If cowboys and living in the Wild West seems more appealing, include a stop at Netcong’s Wild West City in this year’s travel itinerary. This replica western heritage theme park includes 22 live shows scattered throughout the day as well as stagecoach, horse, and train rides. Then, the family can try their hands at panning for gold, miniature golf, historic trades, or enjoy the animals. There’s also a museum to wander through and shopping galore.

When it’s time to eat, there are several options as well. If the weather is nice, have a lunch packed up and enjoy it in the beautiful picnic area. The restaurant onsite serves delicious pizza and visitors can quench their thirst at one of the saloons. There are also live music and weekend events.

The Jersey Shore Pirates, Wild West City, and the Wildwood NJ rides make the state of New Jersey an exciting place to spend summer vacation. There are endless things to do, and with so many different attractions and options, everyone will find something to do that they’ll remember forever.