Pine Valley Golf Course of Clementon, New Jersey

Mention “Pine Valley” to any serious group of golfers and no explanation is needed. After all “The Pine Valley” Golf Range of Clementon New Jersey has been consistently rated at the top and one of the premier golf courses on the globe. Indeed in its determinations and awards, the premier golfing journal “Golf Magazine”, has awarded Pine Valley in its number one spot as the very top golf course in the United States and indeed the world. This said, it is often stated by the most experienced and determined golfers that if there is a more difficult golf course to be played anywhere in the world, then these golfing aficionados would not want to know about it,or have the distinct pleasure of being offered to play that set of golfing links.

Pine Valley Golf Course’s history goes back to 1912 when a wealthy hotelier named Mr. George Arthur Crump decided that he wanted to build a golf course that would be worthy of his name and reputation. He chose an area of land that was basically a forest in a swamp surrounded by sand. Crumps’ dream took fully seven years to build and complete. It actually incorporated and included the removal of approximately twenty thousand tree stumps. Ultimately and unfortunately for the innovator and creator of the project Mr. Crump he only lived to see the completion of only 14 holes on this golfing masterpiece. The remaining tees – holes 12 though were 15 were completed some time after his passing. How unfortunate.

It can be truly and truthfully said that Pine Valley has no two golf holes that are even remotely similar. The distinctness of the course and layout is one of the greatest attractions of this fine golfing course of world wide global renown. However it can be said that if there is one distinctiveness and binding feature to the whole course and setup – it is the sand. Mounds and myriads of sand to work through and impede the play and follow through of the game of even the most advanced and experienced golfers. Indeed the expanses of sand are large, great and extreme in size and nature that no attempt is even made by the groundskeepers to even rake them. No doubt an impediment to even Professional golfers and those near their class.

One day yet as a golfer you may live your dream of actually playing through and golfing the Pine Valley golf course of Clementon New Jersey. Fore!