Missionaries Winnie and Georgian Banov Bring a New Message and New Awakening to a New Jersey Church

Winnie and Georgian Banov held a conference at Holy Spirit Fellowship in Martiansville New Jersey. The topic of the conference centered on the Awakening. The Awakening means the true Revelation of Jesus and the Cross, and how this will change our lives.

The Banovs work the mission fields from Bulgaria to Sudan. They work with those who have been rejected by societies such as Gypsies, and Palestine Refugees.

Holy Spirit Fellowship holds its Worship Services at the Martiansville Community, and Zelma Johnson serves as its Pastor. It has been there since 1986.

Gatherings and Worship took place three times on Friday and Saturday. At the Friday afternoon gathering, I had the pleasure of hearing Winnie Banov. She had a new enlightenment on an old topic. Winnie spoke on the topic of why Jesus went the cross. Although I have heard this teaching many times before, I never heard it put in a way that she laid it out.

She challenged us at the Friday afternoon meeting to search out the real meaning of Jesus last words from the Cross- "Its is finished." She went to Paul's writings to point us back to the cross and its true meaning. Winnie encouraged us by condemning that Jesus death had been the atonement for our sins, and through his death we can live a life of freedom. We do do not have to struggle to justify ourselves before God.

As, I have said before that I have heard this message before, and I had been turned off by it, and the reason for this, because it came from people who could not let their sins go. These people who spoke about cross only wanted to talk about sin and remind us of ours sins.

Now, I have complete peace and Jesus and the Cross.