Ocean City – Dry Town in New Jersey

Ocean City is one of the most sought after family oriented resort cities in the New Jersey state of USA. It is located in the Cape May County and is the principal city of the Ocean City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The city was earlier known as Peck’s beach named so after the whaler John Peck who used the island as a staging spot for his whaling operation. It is a seven mile stretch of sand dunes, meadows and cedar swamps. He and his men put their freshly caught whales here while they went searching for more.

Subsequently, the island also served as a summer fishing camp for the local Native Americans, cattle graze land and an occasional hunting or picnic spot for mainland people who used to visit the place by boat.

The island was originally owned by the Somers family and many families lived there. Eventually, it was Parker Mills and his family who became the first year round residents of the city.

The present day it came into existence in 1879, when four Methodist Ministers bought the Peck’s Beach to make it a Christian seaside resort and a camp meeting place. They all gathered under a Cedar Tree, which still stands today in the Lobby of the Ocean City Tabernacle.

They chose the name Ocean City for the newly acquired land and formed the Ocean City Association. The layout for the streets, cottages, hotel and businesses was finalized. The Ocean City Tabernacle was built between Wesley and Asbury Avenues and between 5th and 6th Streets. Thus, the Ocean City was born out of such religious circumstances. And due to this, the seaside resort city has prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages within its limits which is very well suited to the families visiting the place.

Even though there are no bars to visit in the evening, yet there are plenty other things that can be enjoyed by the visiting folks. This place is truly a family resort town and has many activities and attractions to keep the people occupied.

Major Attractions & Activities in Ocean City:

Beach & Boards: Ocean City has one of the most scenic beaches and has been named as the number one beach in New Jersey. One of the things one needs to keep in mind while going on the beach is that beach tags are mandatory and are available at the cost of 5 dollars for the day, 10 dollars for the week and 20 dollars for the season.

The Boardwalk is another place which is a must see for the visitors to the city. The Boardwalk has been built and rebuilt many times. One of the major attractions on the Boardwalk is the 146-feet Ferris wheel at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.

Bountiful Nature: OC has a bountiful nature to showcase. It offers plenty of outdoor activities apart from the beaches and the boardwalk. There are many amazing places like the Bayside Environmental Center, Carson’s Inlet State Park or the Cape May Coastal Wetlands Wildlife Management Area which show the wild and marine life in its most colorful and beautiful form.

Ghost Tour: One cannot really miss the candlelight walking Ghost Tour in the Ocean City. The tour is for a duration of one and half hours which costs 14 dollars for the adults and 8 dollars for the children under the age of 12. It is a very interesting but at the same time quite a relatively inexpensive experience which thrills people of all ages.

After looking at all these interesting activities and the history that goes along with it, it is no wonder then that Ocean City is one of the most sought after resort cities. It is mainly preferred as a family getaway due to its reputation of being a dry town.