Putting the New in Jersey-Themed Gift Baskets

As you ponder what sort of gift basket fillers will inspire the latest trends in the business of New Jersey-inspired themes, you may want to do a bit of background research on this Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern destination. The state is surrounded by the likes of grand cities, such as New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the Atlantic Ocean. Often, the state shares tourist and commuter visits from those who jump from New York to New Jersey by way of tunnel transport. So, what exactly has people flocking to the state that serves as home to locations, such as Newark (the largest city), Jersey City (with its Holland Tunnel gateway to Manhattan), and Paterson?

Newark is home to almost 300,000 residents, showingcases attractions that range from Art Deco buildings to Gothic architecture to one of the best Tibetan art collections in the world. To pay homage to the Newark Museum, which is home to an assortment of intriguing art, you may present a gift basket featuring Tibetan herbal tea and accessories; homemade bead jewelry kits, or a collection of American art postcards.

Jersey City is the second largest location in the state and serves as a place of residence for celebrities and notables personalities, such as actor, Nathan Lane (from the Producers) and the infamous entrepreneur, Martha Stewart. The Stewart-Inspired gift basket may explore different themes, such as gardening, cooking, baking, or household repair.

Paterson, New Jersey is home to about 150,000 residents, where the Great Falls Historic District brings in plenty of tourists through the years. Here, it is the Eastside Park Historic District that satisfies an architecture lovers' desire. Close to 1,000 Tudor-style, Georgian colonies, Victorian, and Dutch colonial homes are located in this part of the city. Housewarming gift baskets decorated in common Paterson architectural styles may capture the interest of consumers.

While the three largest cities in New Jersey certainly bring in the outside interest, it is probably Atlantic City that has gained the most attention throughout the state. It is here that the infamous Boardwalk is located, as well as an assortment of notable casinos and amusing attractions. This resort area can be found off of the Atlantic Ocean coast, providing access to entertainment gems, such as Harrah's, Caesar's, Resorts, Showboat, Tropicana, Trump Taj Mahal, and the Trump Marina. Casino inspired gift baskets may utilize gold dust, colorful confetti, and gambling chips to further decoration. A few themes to consider include the Good Luck gift basket (filled with chocolate horseshoe and rabbit's foot keychain) and the Poker Paradise theme (containing tools to hold a friendly game at home).

Additional gift basket ideas to explore may take advantage of the following facts: the popular TV series, The Sopranos was associated with Atlantic City; some of the actual attacks that inspired the shark-related book, Jaws, took place off the Jersey Shore; the state insect is the honeybee; the state animal is the horse; and the state fruit is the blueberry.