News Profit Review


Henry Liu was not involved in the usual forex definition books.He never traded to any bank, or even directly to the trader, but he intelligently thought about his ideas on Forex trading in a way that helps many forex traders get the best out of their business. Its news system in the news field is based on major news releases. He tries to see the entire Forex trading through different eyes. According to him, there is always the current technical angle of the trader. Makes him evaluate various market trends and candlestick charts. Moreover, there are Fibonacci retracements to consider. However, the technical angles of a trader are not a few uncertainties in the market. There is also a mental angle, which allows the trader to gain fame for money-related grafts that lead to increased greed and fear.

Henry Leo believes that the entire trading market with all his experience lacks a very precious saying. This is thought about a hundred thousand times, but commercial critics deliberately give it a miss. It's the basic news trading. In his newsletter, Henry Leo tries to give such mainly tradable news and his neutral views on its impact. According to him, the impact of this news on the market is unexpectedly high, however, the Board of Directors' dividend announcements and important mergers miss out on the trader's book. So in his review of news earnings, Liu gives every impartial review of tradable news, those that have a significant impact on the market and adds details about the trade including when the news is released, relevant numbers and the course of action after the new exit; whether it's time to buy or sell.

In his e-book he describes great ways to always stay on the best side of the system and generate up to 25-30 points per trade. The profiteer news system aims to eliminate the inconsistency associated with trading, which it does effectively. People especially like it when Henry Leo focuses on fewer or greater points. Then his knowledge in the field comes in front. He can trade in London, and can trade in Nikkei and in any time frame possible. The good part is, by reviewing the investor news it allows us to trade as well and take advantage of it. 25-30 points per trade is not average business, all possible by paying attention to the basic newsletters.

Henry Leo suggests that there are two traders. Those who learn all the technical terms of the subjects and understand their implementation. Such people add forums and online chambers of commerce, but there are not enough shekels in live accounts. Others who understand only the theory of rise, correction, support and resistance but learn the impact of fundamental news on global forex trading and end up being the ultimate winners. A news investor helps you get the best knowledge of market cycles, specific times to enter and exit markets and more. We believe in the power of news release and will paint a NIS that you never thought of.