2013 online marketing trends


Hotel promotions are an important tool for marketing online hotels. While the search and social problems are mixed and disintegrated day by day, online hotel marketing is something that is taken up by all hospitality organizations.

With Q1 almost over in 2013, we bring you a list of online hotel marketing trends that can grow your business and help you stay afloat.

Photo sharing platforms:

Photo sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram were growing in 2012 and will continue to be so this year. Attractive visuals and high quality photos help you in your marketing strategy. People are using more and more graphics because they want to know where their friends are and what fun they are having. Therefore, photo sharing is a great opportunity to feel your online presence word of mouth. Visually appealing photos are a great investment for your business and brand.

Direct Reservations:

Online bookings are growing in importance and use. More and more people are using the hotel website to book their stay. Make sure the website has fresh online content, a free online booking system, and an updated section on deals and promotions.

Online reviews:

It is advisable to publish reviews online and help a brand gain knowledge in the rankings. One of the most important factors in the travel decision-making process, online reviews help more potential customers. Responding to a regular review is also helpful. Also, maintaining a subtle and positive tone of voice while responding to a negative or aggressive critique.

Video marketing:

Recent research has shown that about 66% of people who watch videos plan to travel and 43% watch videos while deciding on accommodation. Considering the percentage of people who upload, watch, and share videos at all times, online video will be an effective marketing tool and will be this year. Videos also have a positive impact on organic SEO. Keeping it simple, this is a video of the hotel, most importantly, it should attract the look and feel of the hotel and show the attractions of the area.

Content Marketing:

How many times have we heard the verb, “Is content king?” Content marketing remains one of the marketing megatrends. Social media supports SEO. Along with Facebook, Twitter and G + blogs and articles, it allows you to interact, communicate and connect with loyal customers, as well as potential ones.

Mobile trends:

Host marketers need to focus on ways to capitalize on mobile apps in 2013, as social and mobile networks have already become inseparable.